Universal Counter 2.8GHz + Power Supply(5V,15V/1A, Fixed)

           MODEL : MXC-2800

Item MXC-2800
 Input Frequency Range   Channel A & B   5Hz to 100MHz
  Channel C(1.6GHz)   100MHz to 1.6GMHz
  Channel C(2.8GHz)   1.3GHz to 2.8GMHz
 Input Sensitivity Voltage   Channel A, B and C   70mV RMS Sinewave or 100mVp
 Maximum Input Voltage   Channel A, B and C   3V
 Input Impedence   Channel A, B   1й
  Channel C   50з
 Attenuator   Channel A, B Only   1 or 1/10(-20dB)
 Time Base   Channel A,B and C   Switch Selectable