DSO(20MHz) + Frequency Counter + Logic Analyzer(8ch) + Multimeter

         MODEL : DG-Scope 20MHz

 * D.S.O(Digital Storage Oscilloscope)
 vertical  Input Channel  CH1, CH2
 Sensitivity  5mV/div~2V/div
 Frequency Bandwidth  DC to 20MHz
 Rising Time  Less than 17.5ns
 Input Coupling  AC, DC, GND
 Input R/C  1й // 28pF ± 5pF
 Input Damage  250Vpp MAX
 Mode  CH1, CH2, ADD, DUAL, SUB, X-Y
 Horizontal  Sweep time Equivalent One Shot Roll  50ns - 0.5us
 0.2us - 0.1s
 0.2s - 2s
 Sweep Mode  Auto, Normal, Single
 X-Y Phase  Less than 3→
 H Position  0 - 96div(One Shot)
 0 - 12div(Equi., Roll)
 Trigger Mode  Source  CH1, CH2
 Coupling  AC, DC, HF-RJ
 Slope  Rising, Falling
 Resolution  256 Points
Eq Uivalent 1.5div
One Shot 1div
 Position  0 - 12th
 A/D Converter  Resolution  8bits
 Sampling  20MS/s
 Display  Resolution  20 Points/div
 Graticle Line  10div(vertical)
 Data Length  Equivalent  240 Points
 One Shot  1920 Points
 Roll  240 Points
 Cursor  Kind  ≠V, ≠T, 1/≠T
 Effect Value  3 Digits
 Calibration Signal  Waveform  Squarewave
 Frequency  1KHz ± 10%
 Voltage  3V ± 5%
 Auto Setup

 * Logic Analyzer
 vertical  Input Channel  8 Channel
 Input R/C  100и // 20pF + 5pF
 Damage Level  50Vpp MAX
 Horizontal Axis  Sweep Mode
One Shot 1us - 0.1s
Roll 0.2s - 2s
 Sweep Mode  Cont., Single
 H Position
One Shot 0 - 96div
Roll 0 - 12div
 Trigger  Pattern  1, 0, X
 Position  0 - 12th
 Mode  Timing, State

 * DMM(Digital Multimeter)
 DC Voltage  Range  400mV - 600V
 Accuracy  0.3% Full scale
 AC Voltage  Range  400mA - 600V
 Conversion  True RMS
 Accuracy  3% Full scale
 DC Current  Range  400зV - 400mA
 Accuracy  1.5% Full scale
 AC Current  Range  400 - 400mA
 Conversion  True RMS
 Accuracy  3% Full scale
 Resistance  Range  400з - 40й
 Accuracy  2.5% Full scale
 Diode  Range  2V
 Accuracy  0.3% Full scale
 Measuring Current  3mA
 Continuity  ‖ 30з (Buzzer Sound)
 Common  3 3/4 digit(4000 Counts) with Analog Bar Graph
 Range  Auto, Manual
 Calculation  REL, MIN/MAX, dBm

 * Frequency Counter
 Range  10Hz to 20MHz
 Display Digit  5 digits
 Mode  Auto, Manual
 Function  FREQ., PERI
 Input Source  CH1, CH2
 Input Coupling  AC, DC, HF-RJ
 Input R/C  1й // 28pF ± 5pF
 Common  Hold Function  Hold / Run
 Save / Load
Kind Waveform, Setup Data
Memory Number 4
 Communication Interface  RS-232C
 Baud Rate  4800bps
 Printer Interface  RS-232C
 Contents  Display Image
 Display Type  Graphic LCD(CCFL)
 Dot Number  320(w)x240(h)
 Baud Rate
Rechargeable Battery Ni-MH(1 Hour)
AC Adaptor 5V/3A
 Dimension  146x60x250(mm. wxhxd)
 Weight  approx. 2.0Kg