AC Millivolt Meter

MODEL : GVT-427B(2CH) / 417B(1CH)

AC Millivolt Meter




  Voltage Range 300µV ~ 100V of Full Scale in 12 ranges
  Decible Range -70db ~ +40db in 12 ranges
  Accuracy +3% of full scale
  Operating Mode Channel 1 and 2 separately or simultaneously at channel 1,
one channel only (GVT-417B)
  Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 100kHz+3%, 10Hz ~ 1MHz+10% (reference 1 kHz)
  Impedance 1M[, approx. 40pF

  Level Approx. 0.1Vrms at full scale
  Distortion Less than 2%

Power Source AC 115V/230V±10%, 50/60Hz

Accessories Instruction manual x 1,
Power cord x 1,
Test Lead GTL-101 x 2 (GTL-101 x1 for GVT-417B)

Dimensions & Weight 142(W) × 210(H) × 235(D) mm, Approx. 3kg

NoteGCE mark is only for GVT-417B